Artisanal Pizza

Luna will feature made-to-order artisanal pizzas cooked in an 800 degree brick oven. In addition to organic tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella, our selection of toppings will be highlighted by fresh and local ingredients.

Luna’s Draft Menu

Delightful Appetizers

We’re still working on our menu items, but we’re testing a wide variety of delicious appetizers including meatballs in pomodoro sauce , a cheese and olive plate featuring house-made crackers, and fire-roasted mushrooms with herbs, truffle oil, and Aleppo pepper (pictured above).

Luna’s Draft Menu

Lovely Desserts

We’re also offering lovely desserts including burnt sugar crema, limoncello cake, and tiramisu in individual servings or for the table (pictured above).

Luna’s Draft Menu

Luna’s Story

The mission of Luna is to make our community an even better place than it already is. Our values include authenticity, quality, uniqueness, playfulness, and support for our community and its people.

We feel incredibly lucky to be part of the Renaissance that is occurring in Uptown Greenville and in the Dickinson Avenue Arts District. Before long, you will no longer have to ask, “Why can’t Greenville be more like (fill in the blank)?” Instead, people in other towns will be asking, “Why can’t we be more like Greenville?”

Luna will be located in the lovingly-restored Coca-Cola bottle plant on North Pitt Street. The build-out is on-going, but we are going to be able to preserve some eye-popping architectural detail such as exposed brick and century-old green tile (pictured here).

It is our goal that a visit to Luna will be the best two hours of your day.


While You wait…

Thanks so much for the tremendous support and love we’ve received so far. We’re busily working to get Luna ready for a late summer 2017 launch, and we’d love to include you in the story. Please consider following us on Facebook and Instagram (links are below) or subscribing the LunaLetter. If you’d like to buy some Luna gear, we’ll be rolling out various products as we get our feet under us. Right now, we have shirts available, but more Luna products are on the way.

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